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Radon and Home Sales: What buyers and sellers should know about radon gas

Because of the health risks associated with radon gas, more and more buyers are inquiring about radon levels before purchasing a home.

You cannot see radon, taste radon, or smell radon.  This colorless, tasteless, and odorless gas is the primary source of natural radiation exposure and the leading cause of lung cancer in the United States among non-smokers.  It is responsible for 21,000 deaths annually.  A decay product of uranium, radon gas permeates through soil and rocks, and in most cases, enters the home through cracks and openings in foundations and flooring.  Every home, regardless of its age, has some level of radon gas.

The recommended action level set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is 4.0 pCi/L and above.  Because radon is prevalent in the Mid Michigan area, we have found many homes to have radon levels above the action level.

Because real estate sales happen so quickly, there is often little time to deal with radon issues. Don’t let radon be a deal breaker.

If you are the SELLER…

Test your home for radon prior to putting it on the market.  It’s better to identify a radon problem now rather than it derailing the sale later.  Test in the lowest structural area suitable for occupancy.  For example, if your home has an unfinished basement, test in the basement. Although you may not use the basement, the buyer may have plans to finish it.  You can buy radon test kits at major hardware stores or call AMC Environmental at (734) 660-8228 and you will have your test results in 48 hours.

If you are the BUYER…

Know your radon risk level.  Because radon gas is prevalent in Mid Michigan, test every home you are considering purchasing.  Many times radon testing is not part of the standard home inspection, so be sure to ask your home inspector about radon testing.  If they do not offer it as part of the inspection call AMC Environmental and we will test it for you.  If the radon test results are 4.0 pCi/L or above, the EPA recommends fixing the problem right away through mitigation.  AMC Environmental is #1 for radon mitigation, customer service, and we can get you scheduled quickly.  If the radon levels are below 4.0 pCi/L, no further action is needed at the time of the real estate transaction.  Just be sure to retest the home for radon gas every two years or if any renovations or additions are made to your new home.

Radon should not be a deal breaker!

Testing is quick and affordable.  If a radon problem exists, it’s easy to fix!  For more information about radon and home sales, please review the EPA’s Home Buyer and Seller’s Guide to Radon.

To schedule a radon test, contact AMC Environmental at (734) 660-8228.

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